Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Kitchen Table Works ...

Since our office/studio update began, I've had my sketchbook, watercolors and pens in a basket so I can still satisfy my creative urges. Over the weekend, though, I got to thinking of other things I could use my white pens on.

A few years ago – actually, more like 10 – we brought home some roofing slates when the hubster's aunt's roof was replaced and this is the last of the really nice ones. I slapped down 2 coats of cheap – like 99¢ cheap – craft paint and then doodled over the shapes with black & white Sharpie Opaque Paint Markers. It looked okay, but the paint was matte and the doodles were glossy. After a quick spray of Krylon Crystal Clear, not only was the surface uniform, the colors popped!

If the sun ever shines (let's just say our May flowers are going to be freaking awesome) I'll post a picture of how nice this looks by our front door.

Now ... is it time to paint the trim again or make a sign for the back door?


  1. You're right the colours do pop ... looks great!

  2. the colours are great, love the white, against the black


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