Sunday, May 4, 2014

I'm Doing My Happy Dance!

Yep, we're done with the remodel, although I think it was more of a rearrange. We didn't knock down any walls – we ripped out the carpet, painted the concrete floor, took some furniture out and put different furniture in.

Now the hubster or the kids can use the computer and I will still have plenty of room to spread out and work. All of my favorite tools and supplies are out and within reach. The table is long enough that I can have an area to draw and an area for trimming, mounting, gluing, etc.
I even had time this evening to try it out. While the girl watched a show online, I drew at my brand-spanking new art desk!
And then I fixed the most recent pile of broken things ... without cleaning up my drawing space. Yeah, I know, that didn't happen much. I didn't have to set anything on the floor. 


The only real stumbling block has been figuring out how to get the window open and the shade down. That table is 34" wide and it's a bit of a stretch to reach the window.


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