Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Half An Ear?

I had the Indians' game on, but they're losing so I was drawing. One of the minions asked if they could change the channel since I wasn't watching the game.

I said, "No, I'm listening with half an ear."

Let's just say what followed was an interesting conversation.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sketchy, Sketchy ...

More Stuff I Love ...

Day 75: I love Nutella so much the minions
are under orders to hide it from me.

Unfortunately, I know all the hiding places.

Day 76: The last flowers for this summer ... I love that.

Day 77: I love this thought.

Day 78: I love emptying almost empty paint bottles.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Me Day

I've been itching to do some garden drawing, so I went to The Cleveland Botanical Gardens on Tuesday. I could have stayed in the indoor garden with the butterflies all day, but I did eventually move outside. I took a lot of pictures, did a few drawings and had a hot dog for lunch.

Pretty close to a perfect "me day" if I do say so myself!

Another Round of I Love That

 Day 71: I love that this old guy still wants his walk every single day.
 Day 72: I love having a "me day" with the butterflies and flowers.
 Day 73: I love that Sarah was right - I did have her Florida charm bracelet that's been missing for... um ... a long time.
It was in the bottom of my purse organizer. Whoops.
 Day 74: I love sitting in the sun, windows down, drawing.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Missing My Dad.

His taste in pants got better over the years. This bear would be scary in stripes instead of Wranglers.

Yes, that is a bird on his head. That's Mosby and the dog stretching over the table is Christie and he's holding me.We went down to visit after Ryan's first week of preschool. His homework was to collect different leaves from trees, so Dad and Mom took us to a park.

Ryan wanted that leaf ... no ... no, not that one ... that one ... way up there.

And yes, we made him take the bag off his head ... after I took the picture.

Next I posed the kids at the end of the trail and there was a spider. Sarah didn't like spiders or "piders" as she called them.

Good times.

I Love That ... And That ... And That!

Day 68: I love that we didn't step on this guy.

Day 69: I love knowing where my artistic side originated. And I love my mom.

Day 70: I love getting my parking space back.