Friday, December 27, 2013

Step Away From The Pencil.

And now you know why I've been playing around with soupy, wet-in-wet backgrounds. I've been practicing and gearing up to try some abstract, spontaneous, let the watercolor do what it wants to do butterfly paintings. 

Not bad for my first try, but I cheated and used the paint to define the butterfly shape. I hated it because it wasn't what I've been seeing in my head, but it's growing on me now that it's onscreen.

This is closer to what I envisioned, but I'm thinking somewhere between the two is more what I'm looking for.
The good news is they don't take a lot of time or planning to paint.

Time to dry, on the other hand? Good thing I've got a heat gun handy.

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  1. love the way they both turned out, my fav is the first one


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