Saturday, December 28, 2013

I'm In Love.

Like I didn't already have enough reasons to love the Hand•Book Watercolor Journals by Global Art Materials!
  • The new 5.25in x 8.5in Large Portrait size is perfect for taking with me everywhere (although still a little tough to find since they are brand spanking new).
  • The paper is white, has a wonderful texture and can handle lots of wet, splashy watercolor.
  • There's a plastic pocket on the inside back cover where I keep a shape stencil – mainly to use as a straightedge.
  • It has an elastic closure which helps protect the pages when the book is rattling around in my bag.
  • It's hardbound, but will easily open to lay flat while I'm working in it.
Now I find out – quite by accident – that you can paint on the grey canvas cover! With watercolors! And enough water to get dribbles going without the paint bleeding all over the place!


Now I wonder if I should seal it somehow.

And I wonder if I could paint directly onto a canvas bag with similar results?


  1. If I hadn't seen the practice pages I might have thought this was a store bought design. The hints of orange in the bottom red wing area balances it nicely.

    1. THANKS! I need to figure out how to seal it just in case. Maybe a clear fabric paint? The kids have a project they want to try tomorrow, so we're already heading to the craft store.

  2. I didn't know they'd come out with a portrait version… I LOVE the landscape and the big 8 1/2 x 11 size… where did you find this?

    1. I saw an image of one on Pinterest and emailed Global Art Materials half figuring it was a hoax. They are a wholesaler, so they put me in contact with a retailer in Indiana who had them and I bought it through them. It was Pygmalions Art Supply – I bought two at the time and if they don't show up soon in stores, I might be contacting them again. ;-)


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