Friday, May 3, 2013

Patches & Stamps

Have I mentioned I don't like to sew? My mom, who used to make my dad's suits and now quilts like a fiend, tried to teach me. I can handle a straight hem if I have to, but more than that drives me slightly nuts.

Have I mentioned both punks joined Scouts a few years ago? The patches that both of them come home with say they're iron-on. Doesn't work for me, so I've tried every alternative except stapling the darn things on. I'm left with hand sewing and I spent two hours yesterday catching up with Punkette's patches. She bridges on Saturday from Brownie to Junior and will never wear the vest again. BUT, unlike her Daisy vest, her Brownie vest won't go into her keepsake box with a ziplock bag of unattached patches safety-pinned to it.
So I didn't feel like drawing again. I got a little more ambitious on the first two stamps and have to say I'm slightly amazed at how well they turned out. Carving stamps is similar to making lines for my shadows. It's kind of mindless - you have to be paying attention a little bit or everything goes wonky - and I can just zone out. 

Now I'm out of carving material, though, so it's time to move on to one of the other 476 random ideas floating around in my head. 


  1. Would you add a follow by email widget? I'm reworking the way I'm following blogs and I'd like to continue following but have it delivered to my inbox. Thank you

  2. I love that oak leaf! I really need to make some stamps.

  3. I use my machine for sewing paper, You did a wonderful job on those stamps, cant wait see what is next


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