Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm An Artist Who Can't Doodle.

One of the reasons I wanted to take the Life Book 2013 course is most of the artists seem to draw from their imaginations. After so many years of drawing what I see, it's a struggle for me to draw something I'm not looking at.

In fact, Punk continually makes fun of me for not being able to doodle. Really, I seriously can't seem to do it. I thought maybe making Zentangles would help, but then I spent weeks at the library going through books so I could make them correctly. So not the point!

Anyway, I feel like I'm relaxing a little with each project, which is what I was hoping. I enjoyed doing the layers again for the background on this one and when it started getting a little muddy, I didn't panic. I just worked until I brought it back to something I liked. Yay me!

The girls, on the other hand? Yeah ... they still look like Humpty Dumpty wannabes to me.



  1. I can relate! In order for me to doodle, I have to be looking at someone else's doodles.

    I really love your usual style, but it's fun to see you explore new avenues. I enjoy all the colors and layers in the background.

  2. like the moth very delicate. EE

  3. I am also someone who can't doodle and like to draw by looking at my subject. I started a doodle book last year and use it by filling up one page, completely, whenever I use it. I actually like some of the abstract stuff, but not enough to use in my sketchbook. Let me know if you find an aid for us non-doodlers!

  4. I get that, too - the only doodles I can create are while I'm on the phone, and they tend to be tight circles or cubes or something else very rigid. I have to agree with Stacy - I love your usual style, as well, but I know how sometimes you just need to branch out and try something different!

    I love the faces on these girls - even if they do look like Humpty Dumpty wannabes. They look happy and relaxed - maybe you're channeling some of that into them! :)

  5. Oh, thank you! I feel better knowing I'm not the only one who is doodle-challenged.


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