Thursday, March 14, 2013

So I Was a Little Intimidated.

Okay, yes, earlier today I chickened out and decided to work on the actual sketchbook cover instead of jumping on the pages. What can I say? The pages are 8.25x11.5, so a spread is 16.5 inches wide. That's a lot of real estate when I'm used to about half of that.

Don't worry. I couldn't resist all day and tackled this after dinner.

I got so into the hatching that I ran out of energy/brain power to paint the shoe and write something. I'm still not sure how to tackle a whole spread, but it was nice to be able to draw at actual size for a change. And the paper takes the ink marvelously, so I'm anxious to see how more paint goes on (the background is a watercolor wash).

Today was such a good day, we all took the dog for a walk this evening. We have two walks  – the long way and the short way. The punks usually vote for the short way and the parental units usually exercise their veto power and we go the long way. All things considered, though, we figured the short way was a better bet. I made it the whole way, but we did have to pause periodically so I could catch my breath. Apparently I can't walk and talk at the same time right now. 



  1. I never thought of A4 as so large before but in a sketchbook times two yeah it's mountainous holy cow!

  2. wow what a journal I have to rethink that now, the pages are big, though I am trying to work bigger. Though really you seem not to have to much trouble filling it up with your beautiful drawings.

  3. I'm having fun with it, but it still seems huge. I need to maybe try doing a page a day instead of a spread ... I just keep running out of time. But it does feel good to push my comfort zone a little.


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