Sunday, November 28, 2010

Got Amaryllis?

This takes me back to my childhood. I remember my parents having an amaryllis on the fireplace hearth almost every Christmas season.

The saturday after Thanksgiving has traditionally been when our family goes Christmas tree hunting, but they wimped out on me this year.

Okay, honestly I didn't want to go yesterday when it was 20-something degrees out, but it was sunny and in the forties today. I would have gone, but dragging two whining Punks is not my idea of a good time. The hubster is happy with the artificial ones we have, so I got outvoted.

Perhaps getting an amaryllis will be a new tradition? There isn't much of a hunt involved — unless you count checking the ads to see who has them the cheapest. It did take me some time to get it straight in the pot and that's reminiscent of getting a cut tree up.

Close enough.

Besides, now I can track it's progress in my sketchbook.

See? I'm always thinking.

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  1. I think an amaryllis is a great tradition. Real trees are great, but artificial ones do save a tree. I have never had an amaryllis, so I'll be looking forward to the sketches. ;)


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