Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still Crazy After All These Years.

So, speaking of crazy, who's up for learning another language? 

Why? Because nowhere is safe! I know I can't write lists on the calendar anymore now that certain short people can read. I can't leave my planner lying around or the short people take peeks. Someone is starting to learn cursive so even that's out!

And now the technology barrier has been crossed. The Punk navigated himself to my blog yesterday! I was going to tell you all the fun I had working my way through the aforementioned lists, but that ain't gonna happen now. 

So, a new language. Spanish won't work since the Punks are already learning that (albeit in small doses) at school. Shorthand doesn't work on the computer. German and French are taught at the high school.

Latin? A supposedly dead language? That should do it. Latin it is!

Now ... who's with me?


  1. it was only a matter of time! i had to stop swearing, as much as it killed me, when my daughter found mine. how about hindi? punk would have to learn a new language AND and a different script.

  2. But then I won't understand what you're saying! LOL! ;)


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