Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Little Experimentation.

I've had a few ideas of things I could do with my flowers and this is one of them. I used glass gem marbles from the floral department at Joann's to make magnets. I'm mostly happy with them.

I'm still experimenting with different adhesives — where it doesn't dry evenly the colors shift. Also, I found a wholesaler that manufactures gems specifically for use in making magnets, game pieces and jewelry. I've ordered a few samples from them.

The hubster and Punks like them, but I think they could be better. Maybe I'm too harsh a critic, but when I look at them, I know I wouldn't be 100% satisfied if I'd purchased them. I'm going to keep experimenting.

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  1. Could you please post where you will be getting your glass magnets? I would love to make them too!


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