Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fun Project!

I got an email recently from a mom wondering if I'd be willing to create a custom Beanie Boo Invitation for her twin girls' 6th Birthday Party. It seems she'd seen the series I did of my girl's Beanies almost two years ago.

Now that the paintings and invites are done, I thought I'd give you all a peek. First I created the requested Beanie Boos - a lilac pegasus and a rainbow sloth (which I don't think even exists ... maybe Ty should get going on that?).

This was actually the second try on the sloth. The first version had a pink head, blue body, green hands, feet, ears, etc. I decided to quit being a chicken and really make it rainbow.
After the paintings were done ... mostly ... it was time to tackle the text for the invitation. The nice thing about modern technology is I can write what I want, pick and choose the best looking elements and then combine everything. I don't have to completely start over. 

For instance, the "Josie" I did originally with the long descender didn't work with the layout. I drew a different "J", scanned it and placed it in the layout.

And the last and final step is to bring it all together digitally. I used Illustrator mainly because it works best with type. 
I love the final product and so did the client. Of course, so does the girl and now she's a little miffed I didn't think of this myself.


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