Thursday, July 9, 2015

100 Days of "I Love That" Challenge

Donna Mulholland, an artist I follow, had the brilliant idea to challenge herself to pay more attention to things that bring her gratitude. She started her own challenge and urged others to join her, so I jumped right in.

Here's the first 25 days.
DAY 1: I love the one who rules our roost ... ROCKY!
DAY 2: I love my digital cameras, as evidenced by my huge photo library.
DAY 3: I love having time to paint.
DAY 4: I love making stuff for family & friends.
DAY 5: I love walking in the early morning after a rain.
DAY 6: I love celebrating Father's Day with a ball game.
DAY 7: I love naps – so I made this to keep me motivated to work out.
DAY 8: I love that all moms can relate to this.
DAY 9: I love that I'm old enough to like myself and not care if anyone else does.
DAY 10: I love my bag-o-pens!
DAY 11: I definitely love them!
DAY 12: I love this song.
DAY 13: I love showing my mom the Cleveland sights!
DAY 14: I love watching my mom bake with my daughter.
DAY 15: I love pink and blue sunrises.
DAY 16: I love that the girl is trying volleyball.
DAY 17: I love this birthday girl!
DAY 18: I love sunsets.
DAY 19: I love company on my walks. 
DAY 20: I love Fourth of July traditions.
DAY 21: I love that Mama Bird still calls our tree home.
DAY 22: I love that I had so much fun with the family I forgot to post anything.
DAY 23: I love anything that makes me laugh.
DAY 24: I love my colorful sneakers.
DAY 25: I love the first cup of tea before anyone else is up.


  1. I love this post. It made me cry.
    And I love you.

  2. Well, that isn't what I was trying to do. They're all pretty happy, after all. I love you, too.


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