Saturday, December 13, 2014

I Shouldn't Have Said Anything.

The good news is Christmas cards are in the mail, gifts that need to be are shipped and a class I've been taking ended yesterday. I might have time to breathe ... for a couple of days.

Then the minions start their Christmas ... I mean Holiday ... scratch that, too. The minions only have four more school days until Winter Break.

What was that about time to breathe?


So between gasps for breath, I'm still cranking on the Christmas Countdown Tree ornaments ...
... and a few other items that have crossed my path.
I've also still got that illustration job in house. Another week on that and it should be good to go.
Just in time to make Christmas cookies with the minions. Or see a movie.
Or maybe build a snowman.

If it ever snows.

(I can't believe I just typed that.)


  1. you can have our snow, you drawings are fantastic

    1. Thanks Lee! I'm enjoying your Christmas Rules series. I hope to adopt no one up until 8am this year. Probably won't get my wish. ;-)

  2. One of my favorite posts! I especially love the page about the beginning band concert, as I am a private lesson music teacher, and a lot of my students just had their first concert last week too. Beautifully done!

    1. Thanks Traci! This is our son's second year and he plays the baritone. I hope he sticks with it ... it took him a bit to catch on, but he's remarkably good if I do say so myself. He plays some songs by ear which always throws me. Our daughter tried violin and she was very frustrated. They didn't use the bow for almost two months and she got bored. Then for their concert she wasn't really on the stage ... huge class of fifth graders and that was it for her. We offered to let her try something else, but she's fed up right now.

  3. I don't think you'll be getting bored any time soon! I love the illustrations.


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