Sunday, November 10, 2013

Let Them Eat PIE!!!

It was a busy weekend around here, what with the Punk – who now wants to be called one of my Minions – turning 11-years-old. Where in the heck does the time go? Anyway, not a lot of drawing time, but there were a couple of spare minutes during which I threw my first pie together.

Okay, I didn't really throw it together. I watched an online tutorial and found out about the wonders of making pie crust in a cuisinart. Not as easy as rolling it out of the Pillsbury box, but really pretty simple – 15 minutes to make it, a couple hours chilling in the fridge, 15 minutes to roll it out, fill it with fruit and get it in the oven.

Pretty stinking good for my first try at pie crust all by myself. In fact, I'm off for my second helping of the day and wondering if FRUIT pie counts as an okay breakfast food.


  1. looks very tasty, I do not make pie to often, unlike my mom who had pie curst rolled up in the fridge at all times

  2. Pie is perfect for breakfasts as it sets you up for the day plus it must be at least one of your five a day - therefore once you have had a piece for break, lunch, afternoon snack and tea you have had your daily quota of fruit. And don't forget the cream or ice cream - good for bones.


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