Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just Resting My Eyes.

I have been doing so much color lately, I was happy to come to a blank page in my sketchbook. I thought about doing the background ... for about a minute. Between the Life Book 2013 class and my pre-painted sketchbook pages, I was ready to enjoy some whitespace for a change. I didn't have to fight with the background to make the drawings show up. It was a nice change that might stick around for a bit.

In other news, here's the latest Life Book 2013 project in progress.
The technique involves painting fluid acrylics on tissue paper which results in a stained glass look. Mine's close, but not quite. I just used what I had on hand - cheap craft paints and tracing paper - instead of the fluid acrylics and tissue paper. I didn't get the sparkling, shiny effect since the paint I used is matte, but it still gives the variegated look you'd expect from stained glass.

Next step is figuring out the rest of the colors, but I'll get to that this afternoon.

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