Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Inky Collage via Aimee @ Artsyville.

Aimee is one of my favorite artists and bloggers. She is an amazing writer in addition to being a very talented artist. She uses lots of color, which is what first attracted me to her work. I decided to sign up for Life Book 2013 because she was teaching a lesson.

I tried this exercise yesterday and ripped it into little tiny pieces - not because I didn't like the way it looked, but because it wasn't honest. There's a lot of crap going on right now, but I'm finding ignoring it doesn't make it go away. Darn it.

The funny thing is when I look at this there are really only three crappy things on a list of ten total. What? I like rain ... it brings flowers and it means it's too warm to snow. YAY!

A not so subtle reminder to focus on the moment, huh?

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