Thursday, March 28, 2013


I had to do a little surgery on this guy today for the punk. I saw that tongue and immediately thought of my reaction to the Pain Scale. I hate that darn thing. And now they're using it for your emotional well-being, too.



  1. In the event of real pain you'd be able to answer. I never knew how to answer those things until after my 2nd C section the pain was horrible and the 8 meant some form of medicinal relief! Congrats on being over the halfway hump.

  2. Love your pages ... Your lettering is so wonderful.

    As to the pain scale ... I certainly was grateful for it when my mom recently had surgery. She couldn't communicate her pain, in fact, she would tell them she was in no pain even though when they weren't in the room she was groaning. I was able to say, look at her eyes, her eyebrows ... she is in pain!


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