Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Adjustment Period.

To new glasses AND the fact that I needed bifocals.


The good news is they seem to be working better than I thought when I first put them on. I usually spend a lot of my drawing time taking my glasses off so I can see my sketchbook, then putting them back on so I can see what I'm drawing. I didn't have to do that tonight.

However, I do still seem to be sending myself into dizzy-ville (or would that be dizzier-ville) whenever I don't quite point my nose where I'm looking.
My other exciting news is I got a new pair of slippers over the weekend.

What can I say? Once the temperature dips below 65 degrees my feet feel like they're encased in ice. Warm and fuzzy slippers are exciting. So exciting that I felt the need to document them AND share.

I need to perhaps get more of a life.

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  1. Ah! I remember when I first got mine. I was afraid to walk down stairs--afraid I'd trip and fall--hehe! But within days I had gotten used to them--and was glad to have them. :)

    Your slippers do look comfy, but I'd have to have a back on them. Too cold up here to have your heels bare--ROFL! ;)


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