Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still Thinking Too Much.

Most of my pendants are already in packages with my lime & pink Flirty Blossoms and I'm okay with that.

Question is should the packaging I'm making for the holiday items be red and green? The graphic designer in me says no, it's your identity and you don't change it for holidays. The anxious first-timer is going back and forth.

Somebody stop me.


  1. I don't think so - you'll have it a Christmas context, so I think your packaging needs to stay the same...go with your graphic design instincts on this one...

  2. Don't change it , Karen. Make the lime and pink your "brand". And besides, it's really pretty packaging.

  3. I wouldn't change a thing. Designing new packaging just for the holidays seems a bit much to me.

  4. How will folks who like your products recognize the packages quickly if you change them??

  5. Well, your table is going to look very Christmasy--and if this is your label identity that you plan to use for all your products I wouldn't change anything. You can always take a few out of the packages, which I think you were going to do anyways, to hang on the trees and lay over the wrapped packages or whatever.

    You could even print off a small colored banner with your flirty blossoms by Karen Blados to hang on the front of the table so people will begin to recognize the brand when you have other craft fairs to go to.

    That's my 2 cents. :):)

  6. I like these colours I must say, stick with what you like.

  7. I think your pink & lime packaging is great just the way it is... I wouldn't switch your colors - it's you.

    If you want something different for your Holiday packaging, how about keeping the pink & lime green, but changing the flower type to a poinsettia shape? Could be a silly idea, who knows? Just a thought...

    p.s. I love your journal spread for Tam's class (I chose 'courage' for my word also)

  8. I'd say we have a consensus! Thanks everyone!

    I'm going to quit thinking and try to enjoy!


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