Thursday, December 10, 2015

Girl's Best Friend.

Rocky (The Coonhound) was the best dog ever. Or at least pretty darn close. The hubster and I brought him home the summer before the boy was born. When the girl arrived a few years later they became an inseparable trio.

Rocky helped both kids learn how to stand, walk and share - usually food. He was the boy's favorite pillow (and vice versa). He liked to be in the middle when they played - the middle of the room, train set, dominoes, racetrack, tea party. He liked to play with them, but he usually supervised.

We couldn't have asked for a better dog with the kids, but he was pretty great with grown-ups, too. Rocky was someone to talk to when the kids were little. He was my nap buddy, foot warmer and studio mascot. He kept me company through the terrible twos, both kids starting school and cancer treatment.

I'm going to miss the passive-aggressive, slightly timid, chicken- and peanut butter-loving goofball. 


  1. Saying goodbye is never easy. So glad for the happy memories and wealth of love you shared. Bon voyage, Rocky, and safe travels.

  2. A very special dog. Rocky will be remembered.


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