Monday, November 16, 2015

A Teacher You Are Grateful For

I'm not sure I'd be an artist if it wasn't for Mr. Charlesworth. He was a drawing, painting and ceramics instructor at my high school and I spent most of my senior year in his classroom. He helped me build confidence in my skills, but more importantly, he helped me believe in my creativity.

I went back to visit a few times after I graduated, but he died before I felt like a success as an artist. He didn't see me land a job with a downtown advertising agency, paint two 10' tall fiberglass guitars for GuitarMania or attend any of the art shows I've participated in. He never saw my artwork in stores or on TV or for sale on the internet.

Still, I hope he knows ... somehow ... that he was THAT teacher for me. The one who truly made a difference in my life.

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