Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Halfway Through!!

Day 42: I Love Bill's Donuts!

Day 43: I love Washington State cherries ... and painting them is fun, too!

Day 44: I loved spending 30 minutes with our morning visitor.

 Day 45: I love toads that jump out of my way when
I'm cutting the grass ... even if they scare me.

 Day 46: I love waiting while the kids do stuff - baseball practice, orthodontist appointments, music lessons, getting ready for bed, eating. I'm never bored. 

 Day 47: I love having the hubster safely home from France ... with GIFTS!!

Day 48: I love that he still wants to hang out with me ...
when it involves Mini Golf and ice cream.

Day 49: I love finally getting the flowers too high for the backyard bunny.

 Day 50: He's wanted to play football for years and my answer was always,"when you're in middle school." I love and admire his determination. 

Day 51: I love completely changing gears and illustrating. 

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