Saturday, August 15, 2015

Day 62: I Love Finding a New Favorite Shop

Mom and I went to Paintbrush Pottery today and I noticed a shop a few doors down when I got out of the car. Fleurish Home is owned by a couple I went to high school with. I've visited the website a few times and thought it looked interesting, so I was excited to go inside.

They have such a unique selection of beautiful things for your home. I wanted to draw just about everything, but I had to have the butterfly. I noticed the book sculptures on the way out and thought what a clever idea. Most of them are made from old Reader's Digests that would probably end up in a landfill. I ended up dragging mom back in when we finished at Paintbrush Pottery so I could get a "B" book.

There are locations in Springboro, Cincinnati and Columbus ... wonder if there are any plans for one in Cleveland?
By the way, this is the spoon rest I did at Paintbrush Pottery. I'll show you what it looks like after it's fired in a couple of weeks.

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