Thursday, January 8, 2015

Slow Start ...

A couple end of the year bumps carried over to the New Year, but things are getting back on track around here. Hope things are warmer than 5 degrees wherever you are hanging out today.

I keep telling myself at least it's sunny. 

Now if I could just feel my toes.



  1. Nope a lot colder than that

    1. Oh, sorry to hear that. I would rather be cold than hot, so I just keep repeating it's preferable to 95 degrees ... at least to me.

  2. It's not. It's exactly 5 degrees where I am, and feels like -8.

    The December 7th and January 3rd pages are some of my favorite EVER! I think I've said that to you before, but these are just so full of character and cuteness. That penguin! That stuffed animal!

    Stay warm!

  3. I think the cold froze my brain – that top spread is from yesterday, so that would be January 7th. Sigh. The penguin is an ornament from Pier One if you are interested and I saw the elf dude online somewhere. The lambs are both WebKinz. Just saying. ;-)


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