Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Why Wait Until November 27th?

illustration courtesy of the girl
I am once again annoyed by the quick change that has already taken place in the majority of stores I shop in. Some shifted the Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving decorations to clearance before Halloween was even over! I think the reason I've only seen one commercial for that holiday in late December can be chalked up to the sheer volume of election spots over the past few days. And the lack of things I want to watch on TV anyway.

I finally put away the last of our Halloween decorations yesterday and decked the halls with turkeys, pumpkins and leaves for Thanksgiving. And since our Thanksgiving Tree weathered the past 11 months in the attic so well, I put it back up, too. I've got to make up some new cards to note down what we're thankful for to decorate it with, but it's otherwise ready to go.

Along the same vein, I've decided to record what I'm thankful for each day this month. That means first I need to play a little catch up, so here goes.

1. Saturday I was thankful for a rainy day with nowhere we had to be so I could spend the afternoon enjoying a book w/o feeling guilty.

2. Sunday I was thankful for the Browns game – nap time for mom!

3. Monday I was thankful for the boy's healthy report at his yearly wellness visit. We've managed to keep him alive without any major mishaps for 12 years now (currently pausing to knock on wood).

4. Tuesday I was thankful for tacos – one of only a few meals everyone is happy to eat!

Feel free to jump on my Thanksgiving bandwagon and wish me luck keeping on track with my November project better than my InkTober one.


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