Monday, November 10, 2014

November 9:
I'm Thankful for AMAZING Customer Service!

Long story, but I will say that I highly recommend the Jared's location in The Plaza @ SouthPark in Strongsville. I was there for ... hmmm ... guess it would be a repair ... and even though nothing was purchased (that day or ever from a Jared's jewelry store) we still received service that went above and beyond any expectations I had.

And for those of you that don't have a tweenage boy at home, these little characters I'm drawing lately are Skylanders, which are kind of an electronic version of Dungeons & Dragons. You collect the figures, which are the characters in a video game. They each have catch phrases (Eat This!) and weird names (Food Fight) and even stranger weapons (tomato guns) and other special powers.

My boy spent about 35 minutes trying to explain the game to me today. I don't get it. But then, I didn't get Atari, Pac Man,Donkey Kong or any video game I've been exposed to. Unless Wii Sports counts ... I like bowling and archery and I'm a fantastic virtual hula-hooper.

And a technological dinosaur according to my minions.

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