Friday, November 28, 2014

November 28: I'm Thankful for Traditions

The hubster and I started going for Christmas Tree Hunts with his family before we were even married. Once we got our own home we continued the tradition and have only missed a few years since the minions arrived.
Some years went better than others, of course. Trying to get four people to agree on the best tree each year can be a challenge. Especially when some people are cold, hungry, tired of trekking all over the frozen tundra of Ohio or afraid of wagon rides. Don't ask. It's not a pretty story.
Then there are the years when our eyes have been bigger than our house! We have tall ceilings in our living room that some people really want the tree to touch. We were smart enough to NOT get the tree above. Unfortunately,  this tree in 2012 found it's way onto our van and made the drive home. The very slow, careful drive home.
I'm not saying it didn't look gorgeous when we got finally got it up and decorated ... and anchored to the wall. I'm just not sure how we got it in the door.
Last year we skipped the hunt for a real tree and everyone is still too traumatized to try again. The good news is, thanks to Pinterest, I figured out what to do with all the trunk bits we cut off the trees in previous years.
Now we have a pretty wreath to remind us of past Christmas Tree Hunts, whether we go looking for a new one or not.

I'm pretty thankful for Pinterest, too, by the way.

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