Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 20:
I'm Thankful This 12yo Is Healthy!

Rocky (who is four months older than the boy minion) is a happy, healthy 12-year-old puppy and he passed another wellness visit with flying colors. The vet always asks if he's slowing down and I always reply, "How would we know?"

He still eats like he's starving, follows the sunbeam around for his naps and bugs me for his daily walks.

He still loves every human being he meets, prefers a fence between himself and other dogs and thinks things that move by themselves are scary – leaves blowing in the wind especially.

He now hides in the bathtub during thunderstorms, prefers to eat his dinner off the floor instead of from his bowl and knows when it's 7:30pm and time for his nightly Dentastix.

Love him!

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  1. love what you said about rocky, my sofie is the same but during thunderstorms stays glued to my leg instead of the bathtub


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