Monday, October 13, 2014

Slight Departure.

I started a new freelance gig today that will hopefully stretch out for the next few weeks. Since my hair seemed especially curly this morning AND I actually thought it looked cute, I decided to commemorate the occasion with a selfie.

I'm surprised at how hard it's been to adjust to my new hair. It's taken almost two years to get it back to the length it was before chemo. And, as my hubster is fond of pointing out, I always complained about having straight hair so you'd think I'd be happy.

Let's just say I'm getting used to it. I'm starting to look in the mirror and see me instead of a stranger – with my luck probably just in time for it to start straightening out again. ;-)

No new drawings for InkTober, but I did finish up the illustrations I started last week. I'm thinking these might be greeting cards and prints soon.


  1. you look great! The curl adds another element of interest to your face - I can't even imagine you with straight hair!

  2. Thanks J! I'm starting to get used to it. I always wanted curly hair and now that I have it I want straight hair. The grass is always greener .... ;-)


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