Friday, September 19, 2014

I Did It!!!!

Doodlicious Flowers made into a pillow, Karen Blados
This morning after I got the kids to school, the dog walked and the kitchen turned into a sewing room, I made a pillow!!!

Yep, I sewed ... just me, myself and I (using a pillow my mom made for me as a pattern, of course).

Doodlicious Flowers made into a pillow, Karen Blados
And honestly, the pocket I was mildly freaked out about was the easiest part. No, that's not true. The easiest part was lugging all the sewing stuff upstairs to the kitchen table. The rest was touch and go at times. ;-)

Seriously though, I almost called my mom twice – once when I couldn't get the doo-hicky on the side to twist like it said it should to load a bobbin and once when it quit feeding the material through – but I soldiered on and figured out things for myself. The hubster will be proud because there wasn't even any foot-stomping or throwing things. In fact, the dog got in a two hour snooze by the kitchen door while I was sewing and he runs when the kids make pouty faces – I just bopped along to Jason Mraz and got things done.
Doodlicious Flowers made into a pillow, Karen Blados
So now we know that I could make a pillow if I wanted to. Of course, it took me two hours and I would have much rather been drawing.

Wonder if I can interest my mom into making some more? She actually enjoys sewing – and now you know where I get my crazy from.

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.



  1. See. I knew you could do it.

    1. Guess those lessons sunk in after all. ;-)


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