Monday, July 28, 2014

Fun, Slightly Exhausting Weekend

The minions want to know what we are doing today.




  1. I just love your stuff. And I live in Cleveland (opposite side of the city from the leg lamp)--and haven't been to the Christmas Story house yet! Was it worth the visit?

    1. I love the movie and can even remember going to the theater to see it when it came out in 1983, so I think it's awesome. We went a few weeks before Christmas and got to see the actor who played Randy, so it was cool to get the "inside perspective". The outside and neighborhood look exactly like it did in the movie – you can even see the steelyard over the fence from the backyard. They had to remodel the inside to make it close to what it was like, but it's very similar. And they have a museum that is very interesting with different memorabilia from the movie and a huge gift shop. We've started collecting the ceramic village pieces and Christmas ornaments. I'm kind of a dork about the movie. The old man reminds me of my grandfather, so it's almost like sneaking a look at my own family.

      If you can go whenever, I'd go in the middle of the week and not too close to Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's. Even summer weekends are crazy – we ended up just looking around outside and going to the gift shop with our relatives this past Sunday.

      Thanks for visiting! Your work is amazing.


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