Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Finished and I Did Good.

The normal reaction around here to my artwork is often, "That's nice." I don't think it's so much a lack of interest as it's something I've always done and therefore not all that exciting.

When I showed the finished frame to the minions, they both commented on the picture. They didn't like the fact that the image is old (only 6 months and it's the most recent family shot I have), it's in black & white (so we don't clash with the frame) and I have no hair (yes I do, it's just short). That was actually more than is normally said, and nothing was about the artwork, so I was pretty happy.

The hubster got home at his usual time and I headed to yoga after giving him the rundown on what I'd left them for dinner. When I got back after class, I found out the minions had dragged him over to show him the frame. They told him why they didn't like the photograph, but then gushed about the artwork.

They like me. They really like me!

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