Sunday, June 22, 2014

Working Through The List.

I have a list of 10 projects I wanted to do around the house this summer. Things like washing walls, cleaning and organizing and a little painting. My original plan was to tackle one a week in between activities with the kids.

Then I spontaneously decided to throw a family reunion next month.

What can I say? I work better under pressure.

Anyway, my sketchbook is feeling a little neglected while my energies are focused elsewhere, but I'm still squeezing in creative bursts here and there, usually while watching the Indians' games.

I doodled around the quote I posted earlier (I added the circle frame in photoshop because I planned to go back and add flowers or something).
I also broke out my homemade spray paints again, this time to add color to some small canvas bags.
I drew flowers on one with my Pentel Gel Roller For Fabric pen. I think it's done, but I might go in and add more color to some of the flowers and leaves.
This week I have a birthday party to get ready for, so my sketchbook might spend some more time on the back burner. The good news is I have two bags left to doodle on.

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