Saturday, April 5, 2014

Heading Back To Skool.

Sketchbook Skool, that is. It's an online series taught by several of my favorite artists. When I went looking for inspiration eight years ago, the sketchbooks of Danny GregoryJane LaFazio and Tommy Kane helped convince me to open a sketchbook and give drawing another try.

I'm very excited to learn more about how they – and Koosje Koene, Prashant Miranda and Roz Stendahl, the three other instructors this semester – work in their sketchbooks. What kind of mediums do they use? Where do they like to draw? What do they like to draw? How do they stay motivated?

I've watched the first few videos for Danny Gregory's lesson and I can't wait to get to work.


  1. Let us know how you liked it I have been thinking of taking the class

  2. Hi Karen - so pleased to have you as one of my klassmates! It is going to be a very interesting and fun experience. I wait with interest to hear your views on the skool. Lovely journal page above. cheers.

  3. Hi Karen, it's the other Lee who sometimes comments. I'm glad you are in Sketchbook Skool - I am also and it's because of you! I found Koosje from one of your posts and started following her. I also followed Danny, whom I found through somewhere else. When he was heading to Amsterdam, I was one of the people who recommended he look up Koosje, who was next in my feedreader. I was actually heading down to start my first sketch when I decided to check my reader and saw your post. Should be lots of fun - I'm very impressed with the format so far.


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