Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's Always Something.

The darn dog is under the mistaken impression that he's a puppy. In reality, he's almost 12-years-old and really not up to prancing about in the snow anymore. Especially 6 inches of new snow on top of the multiple inches we already had.

I just sent the minions out back to flatten down paths to his favorite parts of the yard and he's supervising. He's also eating snow, snorting and sneak-attacking them when they turn their backs. And limping throughout it all!

Goofy idiot!

And the vet tells me to keep him quiet and off his feet until we can get him there for his appointment later today. Yeah, right.


  1. I need your kids to come over and tramp down a path for my dog, I do it now it huge boots, the things we do for our dogs


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