Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Combatting My Mom's Withdrawal Symptoms

I called my mom today and she asked how my design jobs were going. Partly because she cares about me and wonders how I'm doing and partly because I haven't updated my website since last Wednesday.

Now I have to decide if I should post everything I worked on today ...

... or draw them out over several days so she doesn't get the shakes again.

Hi Mom!!!

I love you!!!!
I got up this morning, looked out of our bathroom window and yelled, "Oh, CRAP!" We got another three or four inches of snow overnight that I wasn't expecting. It was not a welcome surprise.

Punkette came running, thinking I'd hurt myself or something and wanted to make sure I was okay. Instead of asking if she had yet another snow day, she was just as unhappy I was. You know it's been a cold, crummy winter when the 10-and-under set is tired of snow!

To combat another February day – it may have been sunny, but I am so done with snow – I decided I needed to get some color flowing. Of course, that means I also needed a new butterfly!
Is it me or does that just glow?

I'm trying out liquid watercolors for the first time. They are extremely vibrant (because you can water them down a lot and I didn't) and the blend very easily – you put them on the page and it's like they are magnetically attracted to each other. Definitely fun to play with!

In fact, I think I'm going to give it a go again tomorrow.


  1. great intense color I to am sick of snow, and cold and yearn for spring like temperatures

  2. Great butterfly and colors - I, too, am ready for Spring and butterflies.

  3. Oh you are drawing butterflies too! We need spring! Your painting is lovely!


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