Thursday, January 9, 2014

You'll Think I'm Crazy ...

... but I'm excited. I have a new-to-me worktable that will soon take up residence in my studio. Sure, it needs a little bit of tender loving care, but it has a lot of things going for it.

It's huge – 8 feet long by almost three feet wide and the height is adjustable. I'll make it a little taller than kitchen counter height so that I can work at it while standing and fit my flat files underneath, freeing up floor space in this little room.

It's already broken in – there's peeling paint and a few surface rust spots, but it is solid and really heavy. I won't care if I get more paint on it or if it gets beat up a bit. Besides, I envision topping it with a piece of pressboard (love the texture) and a sheet of glass for easy clean-up – wipe off the water, scrape up the paint and call it clean again.

Did I mention it's huge? If I put it along the back wall, there will still be room for some cubes underneath it for open storage for things I use almost daily, but have in my closet and hate dragging out. AND there will be room left over for a stool if I want to sit and work on something.

I just have to be patient for a little while – I want to rip up the carpet in here, do something with the concrete floor and clean up the table a bit before I move it in. Can't exactly leave the windows open to vent fumes when it's 20 degrees outside, so this will be a spring project.

Have I mentioned patience and I have issues?

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