Saturday, January 4, 2014

What Was That Thing I Used To Use?

I remember when I was a kid ...
... before art directors and clients ...
... even before college professors and elementary school art classes, there was this thing I used.

That was when making art was always fun. There was no stress about whether that line looked better here or one eighth of an inch over there. I wasn't worried about getting everything right. I just picked up my crayon, grabbed a piece of paper and used my ...

... what was it?

Oh yeah, my imagination!
It's kind of fun to be finding my way back to it again.

And I bet Mr. Charlesworth, my high school art teacher who first told me to loosen up, is somewhere in the ether, laughing his fool head off at me.


  1. Enjoying your butterflies - especially since I'm wishing it were Spring instead of -3 degrees.

  2. Love all your splashy butterflies.


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