Monday, January 27, 2014

She'll Be Happy.

I am officially tired of winter. And I still have to get through dreaded February. Ack!

Seriously, we have currently surpassed the predicted high for today by 1 degree – that's right, we've reached a blustery 11 degrees F. It's like a heatwave. Tomorrow it's only supposed to climb to 4 degrees ... if we're lucky. Double Ack!

I'll brave the weather later to clear the driveway before I pick up the minions. In the meantime, I found some empty frames I knew I had put away.
I used one for the pink butterfly the girl likes, so she'll get a nice surprise after school. I'd offer the rainbow butterfly to the boy, but he probably won't be as happy. Guess I'll have to consider drawing a car or robot or something.

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