Friday, January 10, 2014

Just Keep Swimming.

It looks like a re-post, but this is actually new work. Or would that be reworked work?


I'm moving what I'm jokingly calling my "Alphabetic Artistic Manifesto" out of my sketchbook. I mostly liked it, so I started to fix things in photoshop and realized it would be easier and faster to just do it over. Surprising, I know, but it happens sometimes. Playing around in the sketchbook leads to an idea for a "real" painting.

As for the bag-o-butterflies, I flipped it over to give it a second try with fabric paint. Chances are this won't wash out like the watercolors did. Yeah, I know ... Duh. Go ahead and laugh, but I was playing and not really thinking the butterflies I've been doing would actually translate to the canvas bag.

Now I have to be patient while I wait for it to dry so I can try a few other ideas. Ah patience, how I need more of thee.

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