Thursday, December 12, 2013

Had To Share!

Global Art Materials, who make my favorite Hand•Book Artist Sketch Journals and Travelogue Watercolor Journals, are coming out with new sizes in the watercolor journal line. They are brand new so a little tough to find (not even on their website yet – I saw it on their facebook page), but I got my hands on one of the 8.25x5.5 inch Large Portrait Journals. They are also coming out with a square size that I think will be 8x8 inches.

Anyway, the paper is super sweet – it's cold press 200gsm with a nice tooth to it, it can handle a lot of water and it's bright white. I've been using their Grand Portrait Journals for the last few months, but at 10.5x8.25 inches they are just too big for me. That's a lot of space to fill and I waiting until I have enough to draw to fill a spread. With the smaller size I can take it with me anywhere and get my drawing fix even if I only have 10 spare minutes. 

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