Saturday, December 21, 2013

Catching Flak.

In addition to the fact that the dog and the boy have the same ornament, I'm catching flak for drawing the dogs' first.

So? They are the oldest of my babies.

The funny thing is the boy doesn't care, but the girl is horrified. She apparently didn't notice during any of the last eight Christmases and now she's upset on her brother's behalf. I tried to explain that it was almost two months after the boy was born and I wasn't in the mood to traipse all over town looking for the perfect ornament. She doesn't care. I should have tried harder.


I told her we'll talk in 20 years or so after she has her first kid. She said, "Ewwww!" and went running for the hills.

And I got back to drawing quietly while listening to Christmas music.


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