Sunday, November 24, 2013

Two or Three Days/Spread.

I'm still having fun playing with type, but it means I'm not as productive as usual. It actually takes more time to plan out the type layout than the drawing and I end up doing the spreads in starts and stops. Now if I could just convince myself that if I'm touching the book every day I'm still drawing every day. Stupid neuroses!

On a positive note, it was a kick to paint those vice grips and my husband has a whole garage full of tools. An illustrated catalog would take me years, but the old ones like this with a cool patina might be entertaining for a few days ... weeks ... okay, probably years.

I'm still shocked at how simple the painting was. I put down a coat of wet grey and then flung brown, darker grey and blue down into it. Then I walked away and let the watercolor do what it does. It's easier for me to do that if I walk away. Otherwise, I can't resist messing with it and it gets ... well ... messy.

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  1. you did an amazing job on that tool, so life like


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