Sunday, September 22, 2013

Patterns, Posies & Peacocks, Oh My!

I didn't intend to drop off the edge of the virtual world, but I was working on an illustration job that took over my life. After 50+ illustrations like these, I think I pulled my mouse muscles. Seriously! My right triceps, elbow and index finger are all giving me fits. Not that I'm really complaining - or at least not a lot. I enjoy my illustration jobs so much more than the production jobs, simply because it's getting paid for drawing. I put in a few 10 hour days and I haven't done that since I worked in advertising full-time and that was pre-punks!

A couple of days in, I cut myself some slack and put my sketchbook aside. I didn't have a free minute during the workday and after getting through homework, dinner and bedtime with the punks - and sometimes more hours working - I so did not want to draw. Instead I watched Cleveland Indians' games - GO TRIBE! - and relaxed.

Of course, I then had my usual neurotic episode after not drawing for a while - I don't count drawing with a mouse - and took a few more days freaking out that I'd never be able to draw again. I finally sat down with my sketchbook last night and breathed a sigh of relief. I can still draw and it still feels good.

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