Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ah, Memories.

When I was a kid, we lived on Cemetery Drive and it led to the back entrance of ... you guessed it ... a cemetery. Our elementary school was on the other side, so my brother and I walked through it every day on our way to school.

One of the houses that backed up to the cemetery had grape vines like we have in our side yard. The squirrels and birds have always eaten the few grapes our vines have produced, but this year there are still several big bunches. Punk wanted to try them and I told him they are the kind of grapes people use to make jam and they add lots of sugar. They aren't really for eating. He tried them anyway and looked at me in disgust saying, "Why did you let me eat that?!!?"


Because if you aren't going to listen to my advice and the thing you want to do won't kill you, you'll learn better by doing and finding out for yourself?

And I like a good laugh every now and then?

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