Monday, June 10, 2013

First Day of Vacation a Bust.

The verdict is I am failing in my role as the Blados Family Entertainment Director. It's the first week of summer vacation and we haven't done anything fun yet. Apparently trips to Cedar Point with their dad don't count. And while it's not under my control, it's also raining so punks can't even go outside to play. Luckily no one has said they're bored ... yet.

I tried to explain that while they might be on vacation, it's just a regular day for me. I still have to get sheets washed, groceries bought and the house cleaned. I also pointed out that those things would go faster with help and then maybe we could do something fun ... around here ... that doesn't cost money.

The punks have both decided to read instead.

And they wonder why I call them punks?

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