Thursday, May 16, 2013

Scary Fun.

Scary because while I'm drawn to more spontaneous watercolors, I feel like I struggle with the execution myself.

Fun because ... well ... it was. I've been enjoying the "playing" I've been doing in Life Book 2013. I've been wanting to see if I can incorporate what I've learned into my style. I think this is a pretty good first attempt.

Now if I could just decide if I like it.

I'm also wondering if I'll ruin it if I go back in with colored pencil to define the shadows. I really, really want to because the petals don't separate in space the way I'd like - it looks kind of flat to me. But it's a more spontaneous piece. You see my dilemma?


  1. i do know, I love your art and the colours, in my art I strive to be more spontaneous (I cant even spell it, let alone be it) and let go of my myself, you seem to be able to do it, but I try and just cant

  2. Print off a copy and try the shadows on that.


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