Friday, April 5, 2013

A Girl Can ALWAYS Change Her Mind.

This is another project from the Life Book 2013 course. The technical side of it was a refresher course in creating tonal changes. The other side is ... um ... dare I say "Woo-Woo" ... or maybe artsy-fartsy? What? My work is usually exactly what it looks like - a chair is a chair, not some representation of lost friendship (5 points if you know which famous artist that references). Anyway, I don't usually incorporate ambiguous stories or meanings or whatever into my work. In this case, though, the idea touched a chord.

First we drew the light in the upper corner and it represents your goals, future, what you're working towards. Then we outlined our hand to show we're reaching towards our goal. The butterfly symbolizes transformation and rebirth - it changes so much that it is unrecognizable at the end of its transformation. And finally, the words to define the goal (Huh! I guess the meaning is not so hidden after all).

You can probably understand why I could relate to this exercise, huh?

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  1. Just caught up on your two posts about the class, I did think of taking it, buy I have taken many courses and I mean many and not done a thing with them, my goal is to actually do some of these before I sign up for another class. I love the two pages that you did, the hand one is my favourite.


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