Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One Quarter of Chemo Done.

In addition to cookies and ginger ale (they were still out of white wine, darn it!) I got presents. How fantastic is that?!! One thing I'm learning through all of this is that random acts of kindness do matter and for anyone who's crocheted a chemo cap or a funky pink scarf, made a lap quilt or a pair of cute dangly earrings, thank you. It definitely lifts the spirits to know people are willing to do wonderful things for strangers going through a tough time. Thank you!

And when the nurse found out I have a girlie-girl at home, she suggested I take some things for her, too. Punkette now has her first pair of dangly earrings -- pink, of course -- and a really cool pink funky fluffy scarf. She's in heaven. And we stopped at Walmart to pick out a lego set for Punk so he wouldn't feel left out. He had it put together in 6.9 seconds and he's in heaven, too.

The word on the street is I will feel fine today and probably most of tomorrow. So far, I'd agree with that. I have a really icky taste in my mouth, but a fruit smoothie, some water and an occasional lemon drop are taking care of that. Originally, we wanted to time it so I'd be feeling crappy while the punks are at school, but I think if it hits on the weekend it will be better. Tom will be here to give me a hand or take over completely if need be. Like everything else so far, we'll just play it by ear.

Thanks again for all of your well wishes and encouragement. I can feel the love and it is definitely appreciated.


  1. Thanks for sharing and for being you. I can see the kids eyes when they got presents! What a great idea. So glad folks are touching your heart with gifts of love and support. Know that you have my love and prayers.

  2. It seems like chemo experiences are a lot like childbirth, in that they range wildly and can actually be not all that bad. So stay open to the idea that it may not actually get any worse (my sister's was relatively easy). Your positive additude will definitely make a difference, as well as your gratitude - this also learned from my sister's experience. Rest easy this weekend.

  3. You have a great attitude and thats half the battle, thinking of you

  4. I, too, am currently dealing with cancer, since October. Like you, I have come to appreciate those random acts of kindness that at one time I might have viewed with a little cynicism, as well as those who tell me that I am in their prayers (whatever form those take). It certainly redefines life as you know it. Wishing you the best!


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